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LPS Desktop Invoice Management
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Welcome to the LPS Desktop Invoice Management REO Registration Web Site

The registration process must be completed in one session. All information entered will be lost if the current session ends before reaching the registration confirmation page.
Please be prepared to enter valid payment information before exiting the site as registration data will not be saved and therefore cannot be retrieved at a later date

Invoice Management is proud to announce our partnership with the mortgage industry to provide the only electronic invoicing solution for all of your REO invoicing needs.

As a broker, an agent, or an outsourcer, you will have the ability to submit your invoices electronically with our elite invoice management system. In addition, you can add, scan or fax all client required documentation with our trend setting imaging solution. We understand your invoicing needs and look forward to assisting you with your client billing process.

Some of the many benefits Invoice Management vendors enjoy include:

  1. Immediate delivery of your electronic invoice when it has been created, thus being immediately available for approval action.
  2. No lost attachments to your invoices. Proof of payments and before & after photos will always be viewable.
  3. Faster reimbursement of submitted invoices.
  4. Online status of every invoice anytime, anywhere you have the internet.
  5. Reconciliation of submitted invoices and payments.
  6. Archival Storage of everything that has been submitted.
Here are the pricing components:

  1. Online registration fee - $49.99. This is a one-time fee. Once you register for any Invoice Management mortgage servicer you are registered for all clients.
  2. Invoice fee You will be charged $5 per invoice up to 5 invoices per asset and any subsequent invoices will be free of charge.
The Invoice Management Process:

  1. Vendors & Brokers register to become a Invoice Management Registered REO Broker or Vendor by completing the registration information and paying a registration fee of $49.99.
  2. Many servicers check our online registry regularly to use what brokers in a particular area or part of the country are registered to use Invoice Management. Although we cannot guarantee any new business, many of our vendors have stated they have received a growth in business or market share after registering with our service due to the visibility we afford them in the market place.
  3. Once a servicer selects you as an affiliated vendor, they will assign you a payee code which activates you as their broker for that area. You will receive an E-Mail confirmation from Invoice Management and the servicer will contact you with that referral for work.

Your registration will ensure that you and your clients have a seamless billing process; from invoice creation to check receipt.

We sincerely appreciate your registration and the use of Invoice Management as your electronic invoice management solution.